Why is a natural lifestyle for animals so important?

Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear to people that lifestyle has a major influence on overall health and well-being. There is an increasing attention for lifestyle in the media, there are more and more lifestyle coaches for people. For animals, however, much less attention is paid to lifestyle. Lifestyle coaches for animals or lifestyle guidance for animals and their humans (I chose the word human as I dislike the word owner, as it is my opinion that you can never own another living being) is almost non-existent (although sometimes it is as part of a holistic treatment). This is unfortunate because a healthy lifestyle is just as important for animals as it is for people! This is exactly why I am happy to help you with natural lifestyle advice for your animal. It is so important!

In this blogpost I will tell you more about lifestyle, its importance for animals and the influence you can have on this. I am also going to explain to you why I choose to extend the concept of lifestyle a little further to a natural lifestyle. Because there is even more power in that, in my opinion.

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What does lifestyle mean? 

Lifestyle to me literally means the style of life, the way a life is lived. This is different for every person and animal. Taking a close look at an animal’s lifestyle includes looking at nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest and stress factors, medication, general health, living environment and relationships. These factors all have a major impact on an animal’s physical, mental and emotional health. A pet is completely dependent on your care, so humans have a decisive influence on the lifestyle (and health!) of the animal.

Why is lifestyle important? 

Lifestyle has a major impact on an animal’s physical, mental and emotional health. To ensure that an animal remains as healthy as possible or becomes as healthy as possible, the basis is to critically examine their lifestyle, so it is possible to assess whether there is room for positive adjustments in any area. The result of this is that an animal becomes more comfortable or stays comfortable, which in turn, has major positive consequences for health, for example making recovery easier.

Positive lifestyle changes have great value in the area of ​​preventive health. You can ensure that your animal stays as healthy as possible! Even if an animal is sick, positive lifestyle changes are the absolute basis to start working from. Therefore it is important to get the lifestyle as suitable as possible for both young animals that are still perfectly healthy, as well as adult or sick animals. Lifestyle advice is always tailor-made because it is completely different per individual animal and per situation.

Why I choose to talk about a natural lifestyle? 

It is probably clear to you by now what lifestyle for animals means to me. I actually prefer to talk about a natural lifestyle because I want to honor the nature of the animal in what it naturally needs to feel good. This is dependent on species, breed and individual. Also, when advising positive lifestyle changes, I like to emphasize natural ways, because this feels like the healthiest way to me. For example, advising natural (and non-chemical) food.

No quick fix

Working to improve your animal’s lifestyle can take time, effort and patience. It is not a quick fix and often does not offer you a quick solution to a health problem. Results are also not always clearly visible (eg in the case of prevention). Know that improving your animal’s lifestyle is the best long-term investment you can make and the best foundation for a healthy life. It is therefore also perfect to combine with a treatment from a veterinarian or therapist. I therefore like to collaborate with veterinarians and other therapists.

Improving your animal’s natural lifestyle? 

Do you have a healthy animal or a sick animal? I would like to work with you to see where positive changes in lifestyle are possible. I offer consultations for natural lifestyle advice for dogs and cats. You can read more about these consultations here or contact me if you would like to make an appointment.

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