For whom?

My work takes place remotely. Afterwards, I will explain my findings to you online or by telephone. Every animal in the world is therefore welcome in my practice! I offer my consultations in Dutch or English. Here you can find more information about how I work.

In my practice I like to work with people who are open to or familiar with a holistic view on animal health. You are also aware of the fact that working towards a healthier and natural lifestyle can ask for an open mind, a lot of patience, time and commitment from you, as you are responsible for the care of your animal.

Animalinsight offers four types of consultations:

  • Consultation In Contact With Your Animal. During this consultation I will make a telepathic connection with your animal. Through this contact I can, for example, feel how an animal feels and feel what is needed. I offer this consultation for all animals; both domestic and wild.
  • A Heartstorm session. This is a “brainstorm session” from the heart where you and I will talk about any animal related question you might have.
  • Animalhealing. I offer this consultation for all animals; both domestic and wild.

For companies I also offer other possibilities.

Reasons to ask for my help:

  • In case of illness, vague complaints or old age
  • You want to better understand your animal
  • Traumatized animals
  • You would like to know what you can do preventively to keep the health of your animal as optimal as possible
  • You want to improve the relationship with your animal
  • In case of relocations or other changes in the living environment

Do you have another question or are you unsure whether I can help you? You are always welcome to contact me so that we can discuss this together.