Consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice

What can you expect from this consultation?

  • Thanks to my many years of experience in the field of natural veterinary medicine, I have been trained to critically examine your animal and its living conditions and to assess where positive changes are necessary and possible.
  • By means of a very extensive questionnaire filled in by you, I get a detailed picture of the living conditions of your animal. Based on your completed questionnaire, I will give my advice. These recommendations are aimed at being able, where possible and necessary, to implement lifestyle changes that can improve the general well-being and health of your animal.
  • In addition to the information and advice that I provide, it often happens that I will also refer you to other veterinary professionals, for example, a referral to a behavioural expert, nutritionist, osteopath or naturally working veterinarian or therapist.
  • One consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice is enough to get you back on track. After the consultation you can work independently following my advice. If you prefer, I can offer additional guidance. This is of course done in consultation with you.

What can you not expect from a consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice?

With me you are not going to work on illness, but health. If you have a sick animal, I always focus my advice on lifestyle, health and positivity and not on the disease. In case your animal is sick, my advice is always to keep your animal under the control and / or treatment of a veterinarian. In addition to this I’m more than happy to help you.

I offer my consultations for Natural Lifestyle Advice for dogs and cats.

Here you can find more information on how I work.

Why a consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice?

A healthy and natural lifestyle is so incredibly important for both sick and healthy animals! With the natural lifestyle advice that I will give you for your animal, you are going to work on happiness, health and on strengthening its resistance. Both physically and emotionally. Factors that play a role in this include nutrition, health, stress, exercise, living environment and relationships. In this way you give your animal the best basis for a healthy and pleasant life.
In my experience, walking the path of a positive, healthier and natural lifestyle never stops, it is something that deserves permanent attention. It is sometimes a path that requires patience, time, commitment and an open mind. It is a long-term investment!

The consultation for natural lifestyle advice is a completely independent consultation. However, it is ideal to have this consultation preceded by a consultation In Contact With Your Animal. Gaining insight into the unique needs of your animal is the most important basis for a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a question or do you want to book a consultation for natural lifestyle advice? You are welcome to contact me.