Consultation In Contact With Your Animal

What can you expect from this consultation?

  • During this consultation I will make a telepathic* connection with your animal. Through this contact I can, for example, feel how an animal feels and feel what is needed. The consultation is not live, afterwards we make an appointment for an online (via Zoom / Skype) or telephone meeting so I can explain the outcome of my contact with your animal.
  • During my contact with your animal I often feel that there is a need for healing, I will also give this during the consultation. This helps an animal to feel better.
  • You gain insight into the feelings and perceptions of your animal. This is of great value because it allows you to better understand your animal. In this way you can better respond to your animals’ needs and your animal will feel acknowledged. This can be a very healing experience.
  • Because of my many years of experience in the field of natural medicine for animals, I will also share natural health tips and advice with you. This is a great and distinctive added value in the consultation.

*Telepathy means conveying thoughts and feelings at a distance without any discernible means (source: Van Dale).

Why a consultation In Contact With Your Animal?

Do you run into certain things when caring for your animal? Do you want to better understand your animal or be able to explain things? Do you want to understand how your animal feels physically or emotionally? Then a consultation In Contact With Your Animal can be of great help. Maybe you are new to telepathy or it sounds complicated. It means that the feelings and perceptions of an animal can be perceived by me from a distance. I communicate with your animal in a telepathic way. I am an animal communicator as it is often called.

By making a telepathic connection with your animal, I get an intimate insight into its feelings and perceptions. During that, I often receive information through words, images or feelings. Animals show me what is important to them at that moment. Their wisdom, honesty and sensitivity is very special to perceive.

If you want to go even further in depth, a consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice is a wonderful addition. I also offer the possibility of a consultation for animalhealing.

Do you have a question or do you want to book a consultation In Contact With Your Animal? You are welcome to contact me.