Animalinsight is an online practice and is committed to putting your animal in the spotlight! This gives you insight into your animal. Your animal gets a voice that helps you to gain more understanding, but you also learn what your animal may naturally need to feel comfortable and healthy.

Hi, I’m Claire!

I try my best to live a conscious life. Every day I consciously choose love, positivity and tranquillity. I am an animal lover, vegetarian and tropical bird because I was born in Suriname! I live with my husband, our daughter and son and two lovely cats. I live my life based on my feelings and intuition, which also makes it so beautiful for me to make contact with animals and to help you with your animal.

For whom?

Do you want to help your animal in the most natural ways there are? I will then gladly help you on your way through animal communication, natural lifestyle advice and animalhealing by putting the health and happiness of your animal in the spotlight.

Consultation In Contact With Your Animal

In this consultation I make a remote telepathic connection with an animal. I am an animal communicator as it is often called. It feels like a great honor for me to work with animals in this way. Because I gain insight into the feelings and perception of animals, this can, for example, help your animal and you to take positive steps towards greater happiness and health.

Heartstorm session

Do you feel stuck in the care of your animal, would you like to look at animal health in a different way, do you have an animal-related question or do you want to be inspired by me? I am happy to help you in the most natural way possible, based on my great love for and knowledge of animals. Together we will talk “from the heart” about your request for help.

Consultation Natural Lifestyle Advice

Good health and a happy animal start with suitable living conditions that are different for each animal. In this consultation I will look at what your dog or cat needs to become or remain optimally healthy and happy. It is one of my specialties to critically view the living conditions of your animal from a holistic point of view.


During a healing consultation I make contact with your animal. Your animal receives loving energy that can contribute to, for example, more ease and greater physical well-being. This can be a valuable support for your animal in many situations!

What else I have to offer

Would you like to know more about animal communication, a natural lifestyle for animals or a related topic? For example, are you organizing an event where you want to cover (one of) these topics? Then I would like to contribute to that.

How it works

Because my consultation activities take place remote and online, it can be nice for you to know exactly how I work and what information I need from you to process your consultation request.


It is very valuable for me to share the experiences of my clients with you. It gives you insights into the possibilities that my consultations can offer and how I work.