About me

Hi! My name is Claire van ‘t Hul. I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember. I grew up with dogs and cats and have also ridden horses for years. I have been lucky enough to have grown up with open-minded parents who also have an affinity for natural healing methods and intuitive development and have passed this on to me in their upbringing. How beautiful is it then to combine this in a professional education for veterinary naturopathy, years later? That was a direct hit for me and the start of a great love for this line of work.

I have now been active in the field of veterinary naturopathy for almost 20 years. I have followed countless educations and courses in this field to satisfy my never-ending hunger for more knowledge and insight. I can use all these experiences for my work at De Groene Os, a company that makes herbal and nutritional supplements for animals from a holistic point of view. Here I work as a product manager and veterinary naturopath.

Although I still love to learn, I noticed that the need in me arose to start living even more from my heart and intuition. This resulted in my wish to start my own practice. It makes me happy to contribute to a better life for animals in my own and unique way.

It is my wish to give your animal a voice that can help you to help your animal! And it is my mission to inspire you to understand the importance of a positive, healthy (or healthier) and natural lifestyle for your animal. A lot more attention should be paid to this because it is the basis for a healthy and happy life for your animal, but also for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you in my practice.

Kind regards,