We contacted Claire for a reading of our puppy Teddy. Teddy’s food allergy and her intestinal problems in combination with Teddy’s “own will” made her lose a lot of weight and we were very worried.

Claire’s reading made me see and feel some things differently and also made me interact with Teddy differently, so we could come out of a vicious circle. She is now doing great again and we are enjoying our sweet, funny and naughty dog ​​again. Claire’s reading was to the point, gave us insight and also tips which were very helpful. Very happy with this!
– about the consultation “In Contact With Your Animal”
Our Moppet has been under considerable mental stress for a long period of time and after we had also moved, we noticed that she was not doing very well. Because she is also over 14.5 years old, we did not know how to deal with this. We consulted Claire and she had a long remote talk with Moppet.

Claire shared the advice that came from this with us and we are very impressed with the results that it yields. She is a happy dog ​​again, which may show some signs of aging, but they are appropriate for her age. The heaviness has completely disappeared. The telephone conversation we had with Claire was very pleasant.

She is calm, but firm at the same time, she knows what she is talking about and there were also times when we could laugh heartily.
Claire has given Moppet healing, after she had asked Moppet for permission and also her aftercare is excellent. We feel that we are not alone.
We wholeheartedly recommend Claire, the bond we already had with this dog has improved even more . That is worth a lot. For ourselves and for the dog.
– about the consultation “In Contact With Your Animal”
I asked Claire for advice about my mare, because we had a difficult time with hoof and tendon problems and with illness and death of a befriended mare from her herd. I wanted to know how she is doing and what we can do for her, what she needs.

What Claire told about her and the contact with her was to the point, very recognizable and valuable information. I am very happy with this consultation. I find Claire to be very professional, careful and respectful in her contact with my mare thank you Claire, we know where to find you 🙂
– about the consultation “In Contact With Your Animal”

I had a consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice for my dog Bobby from Claire. Claire sent an extensive questionnaire. You can see how extensive the subject is by the amount of diverse questions that Claire asks you. As a result, you see her professional knowledge come forward, she also thinks about everything. Answering the questions really made me think about how I treat my dog ​​and what I give to my dog ​​etc.

After completing the questionnaire I had a personal video call with Claire to talk about her advice. I thought she was very honest and serious about her work. She kept asking to clarify some of my answers. She knows how to guard her boundaries by indicating that she advises and does not impose her opinion. Time flew by because Claire is friendly and puts you at ease. Afterwards I received a document with her advice.

That is very helpful so that you can read everything again. I would recommend Claire’s consultation for Natural Lifestyle Advice as it is better for all parties involved to promote the health of our pets rather than cure an illness.
about the consultation Natural Lifestyle Advice