Heartstorm session

Because of my many years of experience in the field of natural medicine for animals, but also because of my experience with animals on an intuitive and energetic level, I am very well able to feel, think and help in many different situations. How cool is that? 

This gave me the idea to offer heartstorm sessions. Not a brainstorm session but a session to “storm from the animal heart”. You and me together. I am happy to help you from my heart, intuition, inspiration and knowledge with whatever you encounter or want to know more about regarding animals. I have noticed that there is a great need for this.

Examples where a Heartstorm session can help you:

  • You are stuck caring for your animal
  • You would like my vision on a certain situation 
  • You want to help your animal in a natural way but don’t know how
  • Questions about animal adoption
  • Lifestyle-related questions 
  • Questions about the relationship you have with your animal 
  • Questions about how you can offer your senior animal a happy old day
  • Loving possibilities in the palliative phase
  • Etc.

Any question you have is welcome and I will approach it with an open heart! I am happy to help you.

After a Heartstorm session, you feel heard and helped. You have received a lot of information with which you can continue independently. In some cases I can help your animal even further with one of the other consultations I offer, sometimes I also refer you to other animal professionals.

After making an appointment, a Heartstorm session takes place online or by phone.

Do you have a question or do you want to book a Heartstorm session? You are welcome to contact me.